Social Media Management

Through Social Media Marketing, we provide high quality digital content to engage your customers, nurture relationships, and grow your brand across facebook, instagram, or other social media sites.

instabrand: Social Media Marketing in Dublin, Ireland

Imersive social content, increased awareness, increased reputation

Social media sites provide an excellent opportunity to integrate your business’ brand into the everyday lives of your customers. Utilise our professional social media management strategies to increase awareness for your business. We create immersive content that will consistently appear on your customers newsfeed. We provide original, first class content, delivered with structure and optimally timed to reach your customers at the best possible moment.

Our social media solutions are suited to businesses at all stages of social media adaptation. Whether you are yet to set up an account or currently have a page with followers, instabrand can help your business grow through social media marketing.

What do we do?

We like to approach social media in a structured way to maximise the results. We don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to social media, and we certainly don’t feel that random memes with no relevance to your business will deliver meaningful results. Our social media management follows a 5 step process; Research, Strategy, Planning, Execution, Reporting.

question markResearch

We take some time to understand your business, your brand, and the direction that you want to take it forward. We research what works for your industry and combine this with our knowledge of best practice procedures. Ultimately we will define certain goals that we will look to achieve over time.

light bulbStrategy

After setting goals/targets during the research stage, we begin to develop a strategy aimed at achieving the stated goals. We will use all the infomration that we gather related to your business and develop a clear idea for how best to manage your business’ social media persona.


The planning stage is where we begin to prepare content for your social media accounts. We like to create striking, original content for our clients. We look to immerse consumers with content that is presented in a very professional manner.


During the execution phase your content will be shared accross social media, as set out on the defined strategy. We will monitor all posts, and make any adjustments that we feel will benefit your business. We will also create additional content as your social media accounts develop.

stock increase Reporting

We provide full, detailed reports on your social media marketing. You will see how often your content has been viewed, what your customers are saying, as well as trends and how your social media accounts are developing over time.

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